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10 Recommended Church Planting Podcasts
Denominations, networks, and reproducing churches are utilizing podcasts to help church planters stay...
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What Does #MLK50 Have to Do With Future Churches?
Fifty years ago, today, Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in Memphis at the Lorraine Motel. Like anyone...
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Finding the Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart (part 1)
It’s amazing I get to meet with such wonderful people like yourselves. It’s always a great...
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COVID-19’s Burden on the Black and Brown Church
I have been home since March 13, 2020, a few days before the government called for “sheltering in place”...
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Send Institute Most Read Articles of 2018
Send Institute Most Read Articles of 2018 At the Send Institute, we have a goal to provide dependable...
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5 Churches That Shouldn’t Reproduce
5 Churches That Shouldn’t Reproduce by Jeff Christopherson There is legitimate reason to caution against...
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The Most Strategic People Group in the World Today
The Most Strategic People Group in the World Today by Steve Lutz As the western world becomes increasingly...
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Chicken Feather Stories
I was told to be on my best behavior. A guest was coming for dinner. My family uses a standard practice...
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Americans leave large cities for suburban areas and rural towns
A combination of the coronavirus pandemic, economic uncertainty, and social unrest is prompting waves...
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Behind Send Network's Training
The greatest church planter that ever lived wrote “I laid a foundation like a wise and master builder…”....
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[WATCH] Stories From the Front: The North American Church’s Response (So Far)
What is the state of the North American church response to the coronavirus crisis? As we go further into...
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