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ReThinking Vocation
Believers participate in Christ’s priesthood, not within the walls of the church, but in the daily business...
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Americans leave large cities for suburban areas and rural towns
A combination of the coronavirus pandemic, economic uncertainty, and social unrest is prompting waves...
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Best Practice Research to be Released at Exponential 2018
The Send Institute is currently conducting an extensive survey of North American church planting networks...
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Will We See a Church Planting Movement in North America?
The rise of church planting fervor within many streams of evangelicalism leads us to a question: Is it...
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David French: Divided We Fall Pastors...
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Eight Soft Skills of a Church Planting Leader
Don’t miss Accelerate on September 10-11, which is a two-day workshop for any denominational, associational...
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Church Planting Churches as Normative: A Long-Term Approach
We need to rethink three key themes in order to make church planting churches normative in the future: Rethink...
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The Mann Gulch Wildfire of 1949: Lessons for Rural Pastors
August 5, 1949. A wildfire started in Mann Gulch of Montana’s Helena National Forest that burned nearly...
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The Church, The Government, and Covid-19: A Biblical and Scientific Response to Re-opening the Church
The tumultuous election and conflicts of political ideologies and the government’s response to COVID-19...
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Dhati Lewis: "Why I Stay" The...
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Social Entrepreneurialism and Church Planting
Social Entrepreneurialism and Church Planting It seems like today everyone is an entrepreneur. Many social...
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5 Network and Denominational Shifts Necessary for a Planting Movement in North America
There’s a certain desperation in the air. Not necessarily the kind that’s derived from a sense of hopelessness,...
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