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Coaching Toward Converging Communities 40+ Years of Equipping & Mobilizing Gospel Witness A World Hub of Evangelism & Mission Training for Greater Gospel Impact

The Wheaton College Billy Graham Center is comprised of Eight Institutes— each engaged in distinct work.

Gathering expert leaders, conducting world-class research, and widely sharing their findings. Many of our institutes are built around a cohort experience, with pastors and leaders engaging with the curriculum in the context of a community of practitioners.

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Eight Institutes… One Mission


Through a two-year cohort, pastors learn how to revitalize their congregation by helping them to become “conversion communities”, where churched and de-churched people come to faith, grow in their faith.

The institute researches and contextualizes evangelism strategies within Predominantly African American church environments.

Church Evangelism Institute

Seeking to see thousands of churches across the United States, and beyond, CEI works to develop conversion communities where many find their way to Christ, and every disciple of Christ is equipped and mobilized to make new disciples.

Within three years of implementing the organic methods of the Church Evangelism Institute, your church will begin to see a culture of conversion and growth.

Church Multiplication Institute

Providing dependable research, content, and learning communities for church planting leaders as they create more effective church planting strategies for today and tomorrow.

The Church Multiplication Institute is a think tank for church planting in North America.

Correctional Ministries Institute

CMI has been on a mission to increase the knowledge and skills of Christians serving in various detention, jail, and prison settings serving those incarcerated, related staff, and their families.

For over 35 years CMI, previously named Institute for Prison Ministries has been on the same mission of training leaders and disciple makers.

Global Diaspora Institute

With the vision and mission to equip, connect, resource, and mobilize
missional leaders in diaspora communities, as well as help the
North American church, engage with diasporas and the global church.

Providing Support for the diaspora church and their pastors with relevant research and training for kingdom impact.

Rural Matters Institute

RMI was created to provide support, learning, and community for denominations, networks, and churches ministering in non-urban contexts throughout North America.

This institute is a community for pastors and Christian leaders serving in non-urban contexts.

Mosaix Institute

Helping pastors, ministry leaders, local churches, planting networks, and denominations, build healthy multiethnic, biblically just, culturally intelligent, and financially sustainable works, to glorify God and advance a credible witness of the gospel.

This institute seeks the intentional engagement of various cultures in our churches to celebrate, encourage, accommodate, and engage different cultures.

Research Institute

Facilitating the development of research-based insights and resources that catalyze innovation and equip the Church to fruitfully respond to the challenges and opportunities in evangelism and mission.

Creating a world hub of evangelism and mission training to inspire the Church for greater gospel impact per the vision of the Rev. Billy Graham.

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November 7, 1918, the birthdate of our namesake/founder Rev. Dr. Billy Graham. In September 1980, the @wheatonbillygraham was dedicated for the ... purpose of training today’s & tomorrow’s church leaders to make evangelism a high priority. We're grateful for his inspiration & life.

Dr. Sam George, Dir. of the @WheatonBGC Global Diaspora Institute, has his third volume in the series Asian Diaspora Christianity titled "Reflections ... of Asian Diaspora: Mapping Theologies and Ministries".

Congratulations Sam!

Available now.

We hope you're ready to invest in your leadership & team at Amplify Outreach!

Something special happens when pastors & evangelists gather to ... focus on shared mission.

Evangelism isn't meant to be a solo adventure!

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