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Five Things Small Town Church Planters Wish Their Denominational Leaders Knew
Image: Joseph by Joel and Kristi Seymour The last night of our 2 ½-day conference was coming to an end....
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Don't Despise Small Town Living, Jesus Didn't
by Tyson Lambertson There are advantages to growing up in a small town. Everyone knows where you live,...
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A Kairos Moment for Small Town America
by Charlie Cotherman When is time more than just seconds and minutes stuck end-to-end? If you’ve been...
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Rural Matters: Part Of God’s Plan To Transform Our Communities And Our World
by Ed Stetzer For many, particularly in the news media, Donald Trump has put a focus on rural America—specifically,...
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Why God Loves Small Towns And Why We Should Too
by Donnie Griggs It may surprise you to know that you don’t have to look far in the Bible to get...
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