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Secularity, Political Christianity, and COVID-19: Sovereign Conditions for Gospel Movement
Three separate yet distinct streams appear to be converging into what could become the perfect, Kingdom...
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Relaunching Decentralized Churches: A Long-Term Analysis
What does it look like for us to launch decentralized churches once we are past the COVID-crisis? The...
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R.I.P "Back to the City" Movement?
R.I.P “Back to the City” Movement? by Keelan Cook It’s official. The “back to...
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Exegete Your Community to Inform Transformational Strategies
When we use the word “missional,” we are affirming that the Church by its very nature is sent into our...
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Discipling Your Kids When Church Isn’t In-Person As...
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Reading While Black As...
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Church Planting Churches as Normative: A Long-Term Approach
We need to rethink three key themes in order to make church planting churches normative in the future: Rethink...
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Global Church Planting - Here and There
Global Vision Our cities and towns are now teeming with different languages, cultures, and remote people...
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God Is Able: How Small-Town Churches Might Grow During COVID-19
Is it possible Christ’s church will grow during this time of crisis? As a pastor in a small rural town...
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How Do you Create a City-Reaching Movement?
Many missiologists, mission-minded church leaders, and practitioners have talked about the church engaging...
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PlanterMatch: No One Plants Alone
No one should plant alone. Church planting is one of the most difficult and lonely callings there is....
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Multiplication and Church Planting Systems
Whether it’s called multiplying, parenting, sending, sponsoring, or partnering–churches that plant churches...
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