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Church Evangelism Institute

Mobilizing Pastors and Churches Towards Greater Gospel Impact

Key Challenges

Most churches are not growing through new believer growth.

Many unchurched people are often open to the gospel but are not being reached.

Pastors lack effective resources to reach the unchurched in today’s current context.

Leading churches through revitalizing cultural change is challenging.

The Church Evangelism Institute has cracked the code on how to get everyone in the church released for evangelistic mission."

Hundreds of lead pastors have now participated in one of our in-person or online Church Evangelism Cohorts.

Key Response

In response to the need, the Church Evangelism Institute was created by Wheaton College Billy Graham Center to help catalyze a movement of evangelism through local churches. Our vision is to see thousands of churches across the United States and beyond, develop communities where many people find their way to Christ and where every disciple of Christ is equipped and mobilized to make new disciples.

Hundreds of lead pastors have now participated in one of our in-person or online Church Evangelism Cohorts. They have come from a wide range of denominations, a variety of church sizes, and they serve in urban, rural, and suburban contexts. Our goal in these cohorts is to equip pastors to lead culture change in their congregations, so their churches become conversion communities with significantly greater gospel impact.

Key Outcomes

Here is the impact of Church Evangelism Institute Cohorts:

After 6 Months

Personal witness becomes a more vibrant and influential part of pastors’ lives.

After 12-18 Months

Congregations take tangible steps toward an evangelizing culture. Congregations become more engaged with unchurched people and actively seeking to share their faith.

After 2 Years

Evangelism becomes a natural and intentional part of all the ministries of their church, and pastors can begin implementing new size-appropriate initiatives.

After 3 Years

Culture of conversion and community impact develops as more people begin to come to Christ through ministries and the personal witness of congregants. 89% of pastors report they are hearing more regular reports of the people in their church building relationships with non-Christians and sharing their faith.

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