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Developing a Theological Mandate for Rural Ministry
Part 1:  Soteriology and the Rural Church   In his classic book, Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis writes,...
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Redeeming Rural
A couple weeks ago the Laxton house couldn’t agree on a movie for family movie night, so my wife clicked...
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Declining Denominational Numbers
How Should We Think About Declining Denominational Numbers? There’s more that matters than just the numbers. by...
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The Church, The Government, and Covid-19: A Biblical and Scientific Response to Re-opening the Church
The tumultuous election and conflicts of political ideologies and the government’s response to COVID-19...
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Rick Warren: Seven Truths for Election Week In...
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CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training
Church Revitalization CPR: How To Breathe Life Into Rural Congregations
Most people know about CPR, which is a lifesaving skill that helps to provide necessary oxygen-rich...
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Defining a Missiological Method
A Shift in Methodology The United States of America has been recognized as a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant...
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Global Church Planting - Here and There
Global Vision Our cities and towns are now teeming with different languages, cultures, and remote people...
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The Drug Crisis in Rural Communities, Pt 2
The Drug Crisis in Rural Communities: Part 2: Factors Contributing to Rural Addiction By Glenn Daman What...
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David French: Divided We Fall Pastors...
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A Bright Future Rooted in a Distant Past
A Bright Future Rooted in a Distant Past As we look forward, our present activity must be rooted in God’s...
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