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The State of Church Planting in Chicagoland
Chicago is the third largest city in the United States with an MSA that includes 9.5 million people. Although...
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Church Planting Churches as Normative: A Mid-Term Approach
We’re rapidly approaching a new stage in the COVID-19 pandemic that we might call the mid-term. Roughly...
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Dave Ferguson: How to Lead Ministry Innovation In...
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Karen A. Ellis Talks How Diversity at All Levels is Shaping the Future of Church Planting
Karen is the Cannada Fellow for World Christianity at Reformed Theological Seminary as well as an Ambassador...
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COVID-19 and Rural Work Around the World
When COVID-19 struck in the U.S., the church sprang into action. Alternative plans were hastily developed...
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2017 The State of Church Planting in Baltimore & DC
Over the last 10-years, there has been a growing commitment of churches, networks and denominations to...
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The Stable Church
In his book, Shepherding the Small Church, Glenn Daman brings up a myth plaguing small and rural churches...
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Urban Church Planting, Diversity, and the Future (Part 3)
The following is a transcript from a talk Daniel Yang gave at the Church Planting Leadership Fellowship (CPLF)...
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Demographics that Speak
The landscape of the U.S. is changing rapidly, and the census demographics are beginning to reflect the...
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Writing About the Future and Future Writers
Jeff Christopherson shares trade secrets and insights into missiological writing and the importance for...
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Rethinking Rural Ministry
By Glenn Daman Ask a Bible College or seminary student about the option of going to a rural ministry...
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What Missionaries Can Teach Us in Post-Christian America
Staying on Mission: What Missionaries Can Teach Us in Post-Christian America A former Anglican bishop...
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