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Holistic and Locally Present Engagement: A Mid-Term Analysis
Holistic and locally present engagement has always been important for the church. However, this present...
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Kingdom Patriotism
Kingdom Patriotism When we are captivated by the great treasure of Christ and his Kingdom, we’re positioned...
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Andrew Outreach article 3:24
Craft a Vision for Church Planting
When asked to join a church plant, too often Christians can only see challenges and burdens. Excuses...
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Chicken Feather Stories
I was told to be on my best behavior. A guest was coming for dinner. My family uses a standard practice...
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Rural Stories: Books to Challenge, Inspire, and Encourage the Small Town Pastor
Donnie Griggs, J.D. Vance, and Winn Collier | CHARLIE COTHERMAN If church history has shown us anything,...
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Community Restoration and a Holistic Gospel
Community Restoration and a Holistic Gospel About ten years ago I walked into an Urban Outfitters store...
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How to Call Millennials Into Leadership
Raising Up a Generation: How to Call Millennials Into Leadership by Jessie Cruickshank The leadership...
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Racial Division: A Real Problem, A Real Opportunity
According to the latest Pew Polls, it seems that the current cultural climate has intensified the angst...
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One Thousand Splinters
Roughly one century ago, Christians in the United States walked through a battle about orthodoxy known...
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Imaginative Risk Taking In Canadian Congregations
Our Flourishing Congregations Institute research team—based at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta—spent...
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Nine Lessons for Rural Pastors from the life of Benjamin Francis
Benjamin Francis had everything against him. English wasn’t his native tongue. He was a bi-vocational...
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5 Places to Find Your Next Church Planter
5 Places to Find Your Next Church Planter A ChurchPlanterDepot where you could find in one place the...
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