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Amplify 2024
Amplify 2024
A two-day immersive conference for forward-focused church teams.
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Small Town Summit Oct 26
Small Town Summits: Connecticut
Join us at Small Town Summits: Connecticut 2023 as we look at 2 Corinthians to consider "The Gift of...
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Cohort Event - Nov 2
Online Cohort Preview
Senior Pastors — do you struggle with congregation growth & outreach? Join this virtual "Cohort Preview...
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Mosaix Event - Nov
Chicago Regional Event
Church leaders — experience personal encouragement, connect with others of like-mind, and access the...
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Cohort Event - Nov 6
Women’s Cohort Preview
Women Lead Pastors — do you struggle with congregation growth & outreach? Join this virtual "Women’s...
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Questioning Christianity Lecture Series 1
Is Christianity sexist? Amy Orr-Ewing (D.Phil, Oxford) is a British scholar, who will confront the complicated...
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Questioning Christianity #2 event thumbnail (1600 x 900 px)
Lecture 2 | Has the Church Done More Harm Than Good?
Dickson, PH.D., will address the problem of Christian bad behavior, from the Crusades to modern scandals.
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Questioning Christianity (1600 x 900 px) (1)
Is Christianity Out-of-Date and Out-of-Touch
Examining the charge that Christianity is inherently narrow, bigoted, and life-denying.
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CQ Event (1)
CQ Train-The-Trainer For Christian Leaders
Join this two-day in-person CQ Train-the-Trainer training to equip Christian facilitators to provide...
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National Conference on Preaching
Main stage, breakouts, worship and practical guidelines for designing and delivering transforming sermons.
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Summit 2024
An annual Correctional Ministry Summit that offers training, inspiration and networking opportunities...
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The Gospel Impact Forum | The state of evangelism
JOIN us for our discussion on the state of evangelism & explore the systems/tools that AACEI cohorts...
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