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Nine Lessons for Rural Pastors from the life of Benjamin Francis
Benjamin Francis had everything against him. English wasn’t his native tongue. He was a bi-vocational...
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Gateway Cities in North America
Gateway Cities in North America Identifying Global Priorities within North America for Frontier Missions Not...
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In Lockdown: Learning from the European Church's Missional Response
Thursday, March 26 @ 2:00 pm EST Many countries in Europe are now in complete lockdown while the number...
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Will We See a Church Planting Movement in North America?
The rise of church planting fervor within many streams of evangelicalism leads us to a question: Is it...
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Spiritual but Not Religious?
Rural churches have a window of opportunity to invite people to belong—the sweet spot of the overlap...
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The Metrics of Mission: How to Count What Counts
The Metrics of Mission:  How to Count What Counts Five examples of kingdom behaviors that should be quantified. Numbers...
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Ruralology: All It Takes Is Sacrifice, Commitment, and a Desire to Be What God Made Us to Be
by Tyson Lambertson I recently attended my high school class reunion. It was a backyard barbecue with...
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Lausanne Occasional Paper People on the Move (Presentation)
Lausanne Occasional Paper: People on the Move
The goal of this paper is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary issue of the movement...
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Urban Church Planting, Diversity, and the Future (Part 2)
The following is a transcript from a talk Daniel Yang gave at the Church Planting Leadership Fellowship...
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How Secularity Will Advance the Gospel of the Kingdom
How Secularity Will Advance the Gospel of the Kingdom Religious pluralism has provided space for the...
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How to Lead Well as a Church Planting Leader
How to Lead Well as a Church Planting Leader Three tips from my own experience as a church planting leader. Many...
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