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Global Diaspora Institute

Vision and mission to equip, connect, and mobilize leaders in diaspora communities.


noun /dīasp(ə)rə/

people who have spread or been dispersed from their homeland.

Human Migration, diaspora, has become a major megatrend of our times globally

More people are on the move than at any other time in human history and are reshaping societies, economies, nations, and even churches in the process. The Diaspora communities have always played a strategic role in the advancement and transformation of Christianity throughout its history and continue to reshape the contours of the Christian faith and its missional engagement around the world.

Our goals are to:

Equip, connect, resource, and mobilize missional leaders in diaspora communities.

Help the North American church to engage with diasporas and the global church.

People walking_Global Diapora
Refugee camp_Global Diapora

How we will accomplish our goals?

Conduct research on diaspora communities and ministries.

Coach and provide theological training on multiple levels.

Convene leaders to worship as the global church and pray for the nations.

Consult, convene, and network diaspora leaders to expand Kingdom impact.

Create resources and media content for diaspora pastors and mission agencies.

Just as the Jewish diaspora shaped the trajectory of Christianity in the first century, today’s diaspora is shaping the frontiers of the faith and has become a global missionary force,” George wrote. “Wherever Christianity grows, it pushes people out to new places.”