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TRAINING [04/28]: Sent 6:7 – Develop Multiplying Faith Communities Online

SENT 6:7 is a process to equip people to initiate, build and multiply churches, faith communities and discipleship groups so that every follower of Jesus has a place for connection, growth, and training for mission.

COVID-19 creates new opportunities for us all to express our love by isolating ourselves to curb the spread of the virus, yet to continue the mission Jesus entrusted the church through new, creative ways. We will not cancel our next sent 6:7 trainings, but will host them online.

During the training you’ll learn the simple, transferable pathways of how to:

  • mobilize and equip believers for the harvest (LAUNCH);
  • multiply new faith communities (PURSUE), and
  • grow in a leadership community (DEVELOP)

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