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Gospel and Culture in the 21st-Century: A Long-Term Analysis
Persons also belong to societies, and anthropologists have long noted and studied the social institutions...
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Innovating Our Missiology for North America
In The State of Missiology Today: Global Innovations in Christian Witness, Charles Van Engen proposes...
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5 Marks of a Healthy Church Planter
The Send Network has created an E-book to consider the attributes of a healthy church planter. The authors...
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RURAL THEOLOGY, Biblical Case for Rural Church Planting & Ministry
A Brief Examination of Scripture from a Rural Perspective by Jeff Clark   In attempting to examine...
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Why God Loves Small Towns And Why We Should Too
by Donnie Griggs It may surprise you to know that you don’t have to look far in the Bible to get...
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The State of Church Planting in Chicagoland
Chicago is the third largest city in the United States with an MSA that includes 9.5 million people. Although...
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Midwest farmers face a crisis. Hundreds are dying by suicide. USA TODAY Network
One by one, the three men from the same close-knit community took their own lives. Their deaths spanned...
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Rick Warren: The Mind of Christ for This Election On...
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Demographics that Speak
The landscape of the U.S. is changing rapidly, and the census demographics are beginning to reflect the...
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Holistic and Locally Present Engagement: A Long-Term Analysis
The work of community engagement and organizing has become a crucial skill for church planting teams....
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Reimagining Community: Engaging Migrants, Refugees, and the Diaspora
What happens when your neighbors become strangers overnight? The world is witnessing dramatic shifts...
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