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Dave Ferguson: How to Lead Ministry Innovation In...
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Blizzards, Winters, and Ice-Ages
Blizzards, Winters, and Ice-Ages (Michael Osterholm is an infectious disease epidemiologist. Below...
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Ecosystems of the Kingdom
Ecosystems of the Kingdom In scripture, Paul used the imagery of a body to illustrate how believers should...
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[WATCH] COVID-19 Church Survey Summary Report Webinar Replay
In partnership with the Billy Graham Center’s Send Institute, Leadership Network, Catalyst,,...
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The Hidden Truth Behind Bivocational Ministry
By Matt Henslee A friend of mine recently shared a gripe on social media. These days that should come...
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Is Evangelism Even Possible During Covid-19? In...
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The Evolving Tapestry of the Chinese Diaspora
Vol. 26, No. 1 | Editorial Article | ChinaSource Quarterly, Spring 2024 Full Issue Link Here.  As the...
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'This is Going to Kill Small Town America'
BRISTOL, N.H. — The coronavirus itself was slow to arrive in Bristol, a lakeside town of 3,300 people....
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How Do you Create a City-Reaching Movement?
Many missiologists, mission-minded church leaders, and practitioners have talked about the church engaging...
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Let’s Give It All Away!
Let’s Give It All Away! Stadia’s Kingdom Contribution Starting January 1, 2019, Stadia began...
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Scattering Gospel Seeds: Moments & Conversations
Scattering Gospel Seeds: Moments & Conversations By Cas Monaco and Gary Runn (Doctor of Ministry,...
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Finding Success in Rural Ministry by Embracing our Deficiencies
Read any book on management or self-help book designed to assist a person in maximizing their potential,...
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