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Reimagining Community: Engaging Migrants, Refugees, and the Diaspora

with Dr. Sam George & Dr. Matthew Niermann

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What happens when your neighbors become strangers overnight? The world is witnessing dramatic shifts in where people call home, who their neighbors are, and the very definition of “community.”

In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we explore how churches can rise to the challenge and reimagine what it means to build community in the midst of migration, refugee crises, and global urbanisation.

 We are joined by our expert guests:

  • Dr. Matthew Niermann: Analyses global trends in communities on the move, based on the findings from Lausannes forthcoming State of The Great Commission Report.
  • Dr. Sam George: Discusses the crucial role of Diaspora communities in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Together, we’ll explore:

  • How migration and refugee movements are reshaping communities.
  • The challenges and opportunities churches face in ministering to people on the move.
  • How Diaspora communities are taking the gospel everywhere in the world.
  • The practical steps churches can take to engage Diaspora communities.

Embrace the challenge of reimagining community!

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