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Ready or Not? The Urgent Missional Response to C19.

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We’ve made it through the first weekend of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) here in North America. For most churches, that meant seismic changes happened as all traditional programming shut down. What’s becoming more clear is this crisis is not going to be ending soon. But that means there is a MASSIVE opportunity for God to breakthrough. As we know at Christ Together, God always prefers to do that through the Church. So how might God want to do that through your local expression?
There is a missional opportunity for the people of God and it creates a unique leadership opportunity (and challenge) for pastors.
In this webinar that Christ Together is hosting with Ed Stetzer and Jeff Christopherson, we are going to explore the full breadth of what’s in front of us and how to seize this missional moment. What does the Gospel require of us as the people of God? We’ll think through how we can see the Gospel extend into brand new places while leading creatively and strategically beyond online church services.
This is a moment and we don’t want to miss it.