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What Does #MLK50 Have to Do With Future Churches?
Fifty years ago, today, Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in Memphis at the Lorraine Motel. Like anyone...
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We make a great team
The de-Europeanization of American Christianity
“The new immigrants represent not the de-Christianization of American society but the de-Europeanization...
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Future Leaders On the Horizon of Church Planting
As we contemplate the future horizon of church planting in North America, it is imperative for us to...
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The Biggest Threat to Church Planting Today
Culture changes so quickly that it has proven challenging for the church planting movement. Although...
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Rekindling our Evangelistic Flame
The late missiologist C. Peter Wagner claimed, “Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic...
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Racial Division: A Real Problem, A Real Opportunity
According to the latest Pew Polls, it seems that the current cultural climate has intensified the angst...
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God’s Global Mission in an Era of the Autonomous Self
Many church leaders do cultural studies and wrestle with the sociology of place.  On a different track,...
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Can You Train Church Planters in a Classroom? 3 Shifts That Could Make it Possible
I care how church planters are equipped for multiplication, so I also care deeply about Christian higher...
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A Missiological Conspiracy: Was the West Ever Converted?
A brief survey of missiological literature and some of the issues being raised today creates curiosity...
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One Thousand Splinters
Roughly one century ago, Christians in the United States walked through a battle about orthodoxy known...
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The Dare of Diversity
Twenty years ago I read Frijof Capra’s The Web of Life: A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems....
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Three Things to Keep in Mind when Equipping Planters for Movements
Before addressing areas for equipping planters, it is important to get a vision of our approach here...
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