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Fruitful Workers among Unreached Peoples in North America
The representation of unreached people groups (UPGs) in North America is more diverse than anywhere in...
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Five Observations on Pop Culture
As we move into the new year, it’s helpful to pause and look back on 2017, specifically all that happened...
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5 Network and Denominational Shifts Necessary for a Planting Movement in North America
There’s a certain desperation in the air. Not necessarily the kind that’s derived from a sense of hopelessness,...
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Navigating the Religious Culture
As a sociologist of religion in Canada, I regularly consult with church groups across the country seeking...
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Why Has It Become Harder To Stock the Church Planter Pipeline?
Today in ministry leadership, many have adopted this phrase used in business and organizational psychology:...
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Demographics that Speak
The landscape of the U.S. is changing rapidly, and the census demographics are beginning to reflect the...
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Video-Driven, Multisite Church Planting in Rural North America
RURAL CHURCH, SMALL TOWN, MULTISITE Bringing big church opportunities to small communities | ANDY ADDIS “Honestly,...
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Empower Gen Z for Church Planting
Church planting on college campuses by college students is a growing phenomenon. Youth and young adults...
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Why We Need a Missiological Edge in Church Planting
North American church planting has grown up a lot since I first planted in 1988 as a 20-year-old who...
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Convening Thought Leaders: The Evangelism Leaders Fellowship
One of my roles as Managing Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism is leading the center’s...
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Multiplication and Church Planting Systems
Whether it’s called multiplying, parenting, sending, sponsoring, or partnering–churches that plant churches...
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RURAL THEOLOGY, Biblical Case for Rural Church Planting & Ministry
A Brief Examination of Scripture from a Rural Perspective by Jeff Clark   In attempting to examine...
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