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Future Shock - 12 Attitude Shifts Necessary for Thriving in What’s Next
In 1970, futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler wrote a book titled “Future Shock.” They defined future shock...
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We Need More Lydias in Church Planting
Our current culture has manifested a heightened awareness of social justice issues which gives the church...
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Our Call: Missionaries in a Secular Land
Missionary Identity The reality is, Christians are interlopers.  We are strangers and foreigners. As...
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Rethinking Culture
The myth of a Christian culture continues to set the mind of the Western church at ease. This myth assumes...
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Global Church Planting - Here and There
Global Vision Our cities and towns are now teeming with different languages, cultures, and remote people...
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Exegete Your Community to Inform Transformational Strategies
When we use the word “missional,” we are affirming that the Church by its very nature is sent into our...
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Cru Research Reveals Insights for Gospel Conversations
Bill Bright (1921–2003) founded Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) on the UCLA campus in 1951 with the primary...
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Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Church Planting
Many new churches, especially those in urban areas are intentionally multi-ethnic. It is simply the nature...
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Contextualization in North America?
In many places when I hear the word “contextualization” I’m left with the impression that people believe...
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What Does #MLK50 Have to Do With Future Churches?
Fifty years ago, today, Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in Memphis at the Lorraine Motel. Like anyone...
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We make a great team
The de-Europeanization of American Christianity
“The new immigrants represent not the de-Christianization of American society but the de-Europeanization...
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Future Leaders On the Horizon of Church Planting
As we contemplate the future horizon of church planting in North America, it is imperative for us to...
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