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Institute/Initative: Church Multiplication Institute

Is Evangelism Even Possible During Covid-19? In...
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Discipling Your Kids When Church Isn’t In-Person As...
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What Should We Be Measuring in Ministry?
Apples and Oranges? For some time now a conversation has been floating at the edge of denominational...
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How Do you Create a City-Reaching Movement?
Many missiologists, mission-minded church leaders, and practitioners have talked about the church engaging...
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Five Things I’ve Learned in Five Years of Leading a Residency
I had the honor of planting The City Church in Fort Worth ten years ago. I did not participate in a church...
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City-Level Kingdom Collaboration: A Long-Term Analysis
As you’ve already heard by now, the pandemic has raised many questions for the church in North America...
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City-Level Kingdom Collaboration: A Mid-Term Analysis
Many dramatic transformations are occurring all around us. Our world will never be the same again. How...
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City-Level Kingdom Collaboration: A Near-Term Analysis
Jesus pictures a vital vignette for such a time as this: “Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving...
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Church Planting Churches as Normative: A Long-Term Approach
We need to rethink three key themes in order to make church planting churches normative in the future: Rethink...
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Church Planting Churches as Normative: A Mid-Term Approach
We’re rapidly approaching a new stage in the COVID-19 pandemic that we might call the mid-term. Roughly...
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Gospel and Culture in the 21st-Century: A Long-Term Analysis
Persons also belong to societies, and anthropologists have long noted and studied the social institutions...
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Gospel and Culture in the 21st-Century: A Mid-Term Analysis
Like you, I’m experiencing and witnessing a cultural revolution in our country in the midst of a global...
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