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Institute/Initative: Church Multiplication Institute

Create Space for Those Who Are Weak
The Verse Most Churches Ignore In America, cultural Christianity has led to some serious problems. As...
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Contextualization as Gospel Incarnation
Contextualization If you’re involved in North American missions of any kind, you’ve most...
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Reaching & Revitalizing Rural America: Overcoming the Misconceptions of Idyllic Life & Gospel Saturation
In reality, rural America is in a perilous position — perhaps in greater danger of decay and decline...
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Rethinking Mission: Incarnational Presence
The missionary nature of God is reflected in the “sentness” of the church.  God is a missionary God who sends a...
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Reaching and Revitalizing Rural America: Overcoming the Misconception of Cultural Homogeneity
To paint any people with a broad brush is not to see them for who they truly are. I recently wrote...
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Defining a Missiological Method
A Shift in Methodology The United States of America has been recognized as a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant...
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Revival like the Sound of Wind
A historic opportunity is in front of us. I believe we are currently in a significant moment of time...
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Rethinking the Missionary Nature of the Church
If mission defines who Christ is, and if Christ sends us as He was sent, then mission defines who we...
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Recovering Our Voice in a Broken & Skeptical World
National tragedy has struck again. The fact that you can read that sentence and not know the exact tragedy...
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Research, The Great Clarifier and Convener
Why We All Need to Care About Church Planting Research By Rob Hoskins and Tena Stone Research is one...
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Navigate Change & Complexity
A Hybrid Approach to Navigating Change & Complexity Change is ever-present. Church leaders in the...
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The Contemporary Missional Landscape
Aspects of the “Missional Landscape” in Contemporary North America I am currently involved in three collaborative...
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