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Church Evangelism Institute


The Cohort Process

Through a two-year cohort process of monthly, two-hour in-person or virtual meetings with quarterly coaching calls and with year-end retreats, we train pastors how to revitalize their churches to become “conversion communities,” where unchurched and de-churched people come to faith and grow in their faith. CEI’s strategy is research-based and outcome driven. And the research shows that churches successfully pursuing this simple equation or process become more effective at growing through reaching unchurched and de-churched people and are having greater impact on their community.

Our two year cohort process is designed around this equation.

Missional Imagination

Missional Leaders

Missional Congregation

Conversion Community

Cohort Year One

Developing Missional Imagination & Missional Leaders

  • Modeling Personal Witness That Others Can Imitate
  • Partnering with a Missional Influence Leader
  • Investing in a Key Leadership Team
  • Key Leaders Investing in Their Teams

Cohort Year Two

Cultivating a Missional Congregation

  • Belonging to the Broader Community
  • Blessing the World to Reach the World
  • Bringing the Community to Church
  • Building a Community of the Beloved through Hospitality