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Church Evangelism Institute


In over 20 years of ministry as a pastor and a missionary, this is one of the most God-honoring, kingdom expanding, gospel proclamation, multiplication efforts that I have had the privilege to be a part of. I am deeply grateful for the rich blessing CEI has been in my life, the church.”

The pastor’s cohort has been a blessing for me. Making this journey with other pastors from such diverse backgrounds has built good relationships. I would encourage every pastor who is interested in fulfilling the call of Matthew 28:19-20 to participate in this evangelism training.”

Before joining the cohort, our church believed evangelism was important. After going through the cohort, we now have an effective plan to equip our church in evangelism. Many baptisms and conversions later, it is clear there is a difference between believing something is important versus reorganizing our lives and ministry around evangelism.”

The cohort experience has not only helped put evangelism on the front burner of our church. It has also helped us establish practices or habits that keep it on the hearts and minds of our leaders. As we continue to develop and execute our plans, we hope this will lead to practices and habits that will keep evangelism at the forefront of our members lives.“

We are seeing the cohort strategy begin to renew our whole denomination in evangelism. Evangelism is our most challenging value to implement. But it is happening. We have a vision to multiply cohorts in every region in the country!”

Being in a cohort has been one of the greatest investments and preparations I’ve ever had as a pastor in 20 years of ministry in being confidently equipped to effectively share the Gospel.”

Many of our churches were not vibrantly and effectively engaged in evangelism. This cohort experience was the missing link I had been looking for. I have seen churches begin to transform through our journey together. I would love to see this movement spread across the country”

17 members of our Gospel Saturation Team have led 62 people to Christ since starting in a cohort!”