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Christian Colleges & Universities


“Sam Chan | The Theology of Evangelism” by The Master Lectures Podcast. (A lecture by Sam Chan on the meaning of evangelism as defined through its message.)

“Evangelism in a Skeptical World” Podcast by Sam Chan and Eternity News. (A six-part series on evangelism life hacks to help others share the Gospel.) Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

“Evangelism & Intimacy with God” by Jerry Root at the Amplify National Evangelism Conference 2017.

Episode 264: “Five Styles of Personal Evangelism” by the Influence Podcast. (A conversation with Mark Mittelberg on his book Contagious Faith and the five styles of evangelism.)

“Created For” Podcast by Cru. (A collection of episodes that focus on one’s purpose, calling, and impact in God’s story.) Available on Spotify and iTunes.

Additional Podcasts

“Engage Your World” Podcast by Engage 360. (A collection of conversations to encourage and inspire others to share their faith through spiritual conversations in their everyday life.) Available on Apple Podcasts.

“Speak Life” Podcast by Speak Life with Glen Scrivener and Andy Brinkley. (A collection of conversations on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.) Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

“The Evangelism Podcast” by King Ministries International with Daniel King. (A collection of interviews with pastors and evangelists, testimonies, and teachings to motivate believers to share the Good News with others.) Available on Apple Podcasts.

Episode 177: “How to Talk To Doubters about Jesus” by the Influence Podcast. (A conversation with Preston Ulmer on sharing the faith with doubters.)

Episode 174: “Evangelizing the Unsaved Christian” by the Influence Podcast. (A conversation with David Inserra on sharing the Gospel message with eight types of cultural Christians.

Episode 190: “How to Have Better Spiritual Conversations” by the Influence Podcast. (A conversation with Don Everts on his book The Reluctant Witness.)