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Andrew Outreach article 3:24
Craft a Vision for Church Planting
When asked to join a church plant, too often Christians can only see challenges and burdens. Excuses...
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The Evolving Tapestry of the Chinese Diaspora
Vol. 26, No. 1 | Editorial Article | ChinaSource Quarterly, Spring 2024 Full Issue Link Here.  As the...
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Brandi Gen Z Outreach article 169 web (3)
8 Strategies for Reaching and Developing Gen Z
Bridging the gap and building meaningful connections with Gen Z, forward-focused pastors and church teams...
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Diaspora Churches On The Move
What is the role of immigration in shaping American Churches.
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Lausanne Occasional Paper People on the Move (Presentation)
Lausanne Occasional Paper: People on the Move
The goal of this paper is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary issue of the movement...
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To America With Love: Why U.S. Christianity’s Resurgence Will Come From Immigrants
This article is from the September/October 2023 issue of Outreach magazine. As Ed Stetzer underscored...
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Chicken Feather Stories
I was told to be on my best behavior. A guest was coming for dinner. My family uses a standard practice...
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Nine Lessons for Rural Pastors from the life of Benjamin Francis
Benjamin Francis had everything against him. English wasn’t his native tongue. He was a bi-vocational...
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10 Things I Would Have Done Differently
I pastored a normative size church in Indiana for 8 years. It was revitalization work, and by all outward...
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The Stable Church
In his book, Shepherding the Small Church, Glenn Daman brings up a myth plaguing small and rural churches...
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Two-Level Lessons Learned in Seattle
Early Seattle had a significant problem. Their toilets would not flush. I think that we will agree that...
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