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Preaching Institute

Our Approach

Compelling preaching ignites life transformation, inspiring congregations to reach and serve people beyond their walls, it connects authentically with the next generation and it engages a rich diversity of cultures within local communitites.

Wheaton College

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Our Approach To Learning

Is rooted in robust curriculum focused on essential elements that will elevate your preaching to its next level of impact.

Comprehensive Development of Preaching through

  • Ongoing Coaching and Mentorship provided by highly skilled exemplar preachers. Participants receive personalized, insightful feedback tailored to refine preaching practice and elevate communication skills.
  • Feeback loop where participants recieve insight, suggestions, and constructive criticism on delivered sermons. 
  • Preaching labs serve as invaluable tools for preachers to develop skills, experiment with new ideas, collaborate with peers, and gain practical experience— all of which contribute to growth and effectiveness as communicators.  

Cohort-based learning where preachers embark on a journey of growth, collaboration, and transformation in a supportive environment of encouragement and accountability. 

  • 1-year long cohort (9 months)
  • 8- 10 participants
  • 9 (2 hour) monthly sessions via Zoom
  • Coaching by our exemplar pastors, educators, and communicators

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