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Preaching Institute


Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the mission of your preaching institute?

Equipping pastors, leaders, and communicators to unleash the power of biblical insights and learn the art and science of hospitable and compelling preaching.

The Preaching Institute welcomes individuals called to preach and is dedicated to spreading the Christian message and honing preaching skills. The program is open to all, with a focus on equipping communicators who consistently preach and aim to reach diverse audiences, including emerging adults and those unreached by traditional methods.

The curriculum consists of three modules focused on developing preachers who deliver sermons that are both hospitable and compelling. 

Module 1: The Preacher: Cultivating your calling and your character

Module 2: The Power: Unlocking the Biblical Test and Cultural Relevance

Module 3: The Art & Science: Expanding Reach and Relevance in Preaching

Participants learn in a cohort of about 9 communicators. Our instructors utilize dynamic and interactive approaches to engage participants and facilitate learning in a collaborative online environment.

Our instructors are experienced preachers and educators who are passionate about equipping others for effective ministry. They possess strong theological backgrounds, practical preaching experience, and a commitment to the mission of the Preaching Institute.

The Preaching Institute is affiliated with Wheaton College Billy Graham Center, which is committed to advancing the gospel message in a changing world. While rooted in Christian principles, our program welcomes individuals from diverse denominational backgrounds who share our mission and vision.

Participants will have access to a variety of resources and materials, including course materials, recommended readings, online resources, and opportunities for mentorship and networking within the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center community.

The program is one year long. Nine-2 hour zoom sessions.  January through September.

Yes, participants will have the chance to practice their preaching skills in a supportive environment and receive feedback from experienced coaches.

The tuition is $1500 for the year. We offer financial assistance upon request.  Alumni of CEI/AACEI, can attend for $1250. There’s also a discount for churches who want to bring a cohort of  5 or 10 people

  • A divine calling to preach
  • Foundational theological experience
  • Regular opportunities to preach or teach (e.g., small groups, children’s ministry)
  • If lacking experience, a recommendation from a pastor