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Free Amazon Kindle eBooks

(Only on August 25, 2021)

One of our GDN resources, Scattered to Gather booklet (a primer on diaspora missions), is available for download today. Please click on the image below and download the book to your device as an Amazon Kindle eBook. These links are for Amazon USA and it may be redirected to other locations in your region.

KOREAN (PDF Download)

*Amazon does not support Korean language yet. Please save the attachment as a PDF file on your computer or device. This is for your personal use only. Please do not circulate or post it on any website or social media.


Mapping Migration (PDF Download)
A Hybrid World (Downloadable Excerpt)
Beyond Christendom (Downloadable Excerpt)
Desi Diaspora (Downloadable Excerpt)
Kingdom without Borders (Downloadable Excerpt)
Global Diaspora and Mission (PDF Download)
Refugee Diaspora (Downloadable Excerpt)
Daughters of Islam (Downloadable Excerpt)


Migration and the Making of Global Christianity (Eerdmans Publishing) Read the excerpt here.
Journeys of Asian Diaspora (Fortress Press)
A Hybrid World (William Carey Publishing) (Use code “HYBRID-GDN/L” for a 25% discount)
Kingdom Without Borders (Intervarsity Press) (Use code “LMDS21” for discount)
Daughters of Islam (Intervarsity Press) (Use code “LMDS21” for discount)
Diaspora Christianities (Fortress Pres)


Eerdman’s Publishing
William Carey Publishing (Use Code REFUGEE-2020 for 40% discount)
InterVarsity Press (Use code “LMDS21”)
Fortress Press (40% off for Lausanne Diaspora Summit Participants)
Regnum Publishing
Langham Publishers
Orbis Books (Use code “CON21” for 30% off)
SAIACS Publishing
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