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Faith Sharing Card Game

This creative game teaches you to understand and share your faith in various worldviews by combining story telling with evangelism. This is essential for evangelism in a pluralistic context. (This game is described further in the book Effective Intercultural Evangelism by Jay Moon and Bud Simon.)

Faith Sharing Board Game

This unique game teaches you how to recognize six complexities and resulting opportunities for evangelism in the 21st century. (This game is discussed further in the same book as the game above).

Video Series

This six-part video series is in partnership with Logos Bible and demonstrates Practical Evangelism Opportunities for the 21st century

Online Digital Course

An evangelism course complete with PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio book, and creative exercises and games to equip your classroom, church, or church plant to be engaged in evangelism. The course is based on research on teaching evangelism over eight years at Asbury University, Asbury Theological Seminary, and churches. Available at:

Practical Evangelism Course on Gnowbe App

Using an online phone app, Gnowbe, that is interactive and engaging for university and seminary students, this course teaches practical evangelism. Within the course, there are embedded exercises, videos, games, and more that can be completed in a group, such as a classroom or church. It has been used successfully for online courses and in-person courses. Additionally, students are given a certificate upon completion. This certificate lets the instructor know that a student has completed all sections of the course.

Personal Reflection Papers

Writing reflection papers can help students gain a better understanding of the Gospel, conversion, and discipleship. 


  1. Personal Conviction Story: A paper describing a student’s personal conversion by answering questions such as these: How did you feel that God was guiding you toward Himself? When and how did you come to understand sin and the Good News of the Gospel? How were you converted? And how did your life change as a result?
  2. Personal Discipleship Story: A paper reflecting on one’s discipleship experience. Students will answer questions such as these: Who has inspired and influenced your discipleship experience? What has shaped your spiritual growth the most? Who have you discipled? How has discipling others contributed to your own spiritual growth?

Sample Evangelism Course Syllabus