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Writer: Ed Stetzer

Ed's Advice to Emerging Thought Leaders
Ed speaks honestly to emerging thought leaders about what is essential in leading the conversation around...
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Ed Stetzer answers what was the Church Growth Movement Really About
Today, there is sometimes a negative reaction to the Church Growth Movement. Ed unpacks what was really...
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How Ed Stetzer Went From Church Growth to Missional Movements
Ed planted his first church in inner-city Buffalo at the height of the Church Growth Movement. Learn...
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Ed Stetzer answers what is the Missional Church Movement really about
Ed gives you language to help emerging leaders understand what was the Missional Church Movement
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What is Missiology?
Ed Stetzer opens The Futures of the North American Church Think Tank by talking about what is missiology...
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Thanksgiving Special: 5 Leadership Lessons I've Learned in 2020 While...
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Is Evangelism Even Possible During Covid-19? In...
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Leadership in Times of Crisis [DOWNLOAD]
This article was originally posted at The Exchange at Christianity Today. As a leader, during this crisis,...
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Ready or Not? The Urgent Missional Response to C19.
Watch Now! We’ve made it through the first weekend of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) here in...
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How to Lead Well as a Church Planting Leader
How to Lead Well as a Church Planting Leader Three tips from my own experience as a church planting leader. Many...
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Increasing Evangelism in Church Planting
Increasing Evangelism in Church Planting There’s no question that church planting has become the hot...
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5 Places to Find Your Next Church Planter
5 Places to Find Your Next Church Planter A ChurchPlanterDepot where you could find in one place the...
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