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Writer: Charlie Cotherman

Not Forgotten: Rethinking the Way We Talk about Rural Ministry
Words matter.             It’s a phrase my wife...
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Not Just an Urban Issue: Racism and the Church in Small-Town America
Over the past few weeks images of death, destruction, and anger have filled the screens of our phones...
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Rural Stories: Books to Challenge, Inspire, and Encourage the Small Town Pastor
Donnie Griggs, J.D. Vance, and Winn Collier | CHARLIE COTHERMAN If church history has shown us anything,...
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In the Game: Reflections on Sports, Momentum, and the First Rural Matters Conference
Jesus, Rural Ministry, and Football | CHARLIE COTHERMAN This past September, I had the chance to attend...
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A Kairos Moment for Small Town America
by Charlie Cotherman When is time more than just seconds and minutes stuck end-to-end? If you’ve been...
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