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This Year’s ‘Rural America at a Glance’ Deserves a Second Look
Why This Year’s ‘Rural America at a Glance’ Deserves a Second Look
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Uniting to Disciple a Neighborhood
Recently, we asked a penetrating question: Who owns the spiritual condition of your neighborhood? It’s...
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Video-Driven, Multisite Church Planting in Rural North America
RURAL CHURCH, SMALL TOWN, MULTISITE Bringing big church opportunities to small communities | ANDY ADDIS “Honestly,...
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RURAL THEOLOGY, Biblical Case for Rural Church Planting & Ministry
A Brief Examination of Scripture from a Rural Perspective by Jeff Clark   In attempting to examine...
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I’m a Rural Pastor! What Now?
Do not make any changes in the first year. | BRIAN WECHSLER I’ll never forget the sunny day that Carole...
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Rural Stories: Books to Challenge, Inspire, and Encourage the Small Town Pastor
Donnie Griggs, J.D. Vance, and Winn Collier | CHARLIE COTHERMAN If church history has shown us anything,...
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In the Game: Reflections on Sports, Momentum, and the First Rural Matters Conference
Jesus, Rural Ministry, and Football | CHARLIE COTHERMAN This past September, I had the chance to attend...
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Bivocational Ministry as an Evangelism Opportunity
Bivocational Ministry as an Evangelism Opportunity One-third of American pastors are bivocational. |...
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20 Truths from "God's Country"
OCT 17, 2017  20 TRUTHS, BOOK RELEASE, RURAL CHURCH  20 Truths from “God’s Country”  Reclaiming...
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What You Don’t Know About Rural America: 3 Common Misconceptions
By Rob Hoskins Many of us are busy. So much so that we rush from one thing to the next having failed...
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Ruralology: All It Takes Is Sacrifice, Commitment, and a Desire to Be What God Made Us to Be
by Tyson Lambertson I recently attended my high school class reunion. It was a backyard barbecue with...
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Placing Rural Church Planting Back on the Map
by Wes Holland I recently introduced my daughter to the 2006 Pixar movie Cars. Sorry, if I’m ruining...
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