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Writer: Linda Bergquist

Gospel and Culture in the 21st-Century: A Near-Term Analysis
There are four key, near-term realities that can help us think through how we should respond with missionary...
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City Shaped Churches: Ethnic Enclaves
I have always loved cities.  I have been simultaneously fascinated by how different peoples choose to...
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Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Church Planting
Many new churches, especially those in urban areas are intentionally multi-ethnic. It is simply the nature...
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The Dare of Diversity
Twenty years ago I read Frijof Capra’s The Web of Life: A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems....
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What is the Informal Economy, and What Does it Have to do With Starting Churches?
For at least three decades now, the church starting world has embraced high-level business start-up principles....
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