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Writer: Jessie Cruickshank

What Should We Be Measuring in Ministry?
Apples and Oranges? For some time now a conversation has been floating at the edge of denominational...
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Relaunching Decentralized Churches: A Mid-Term Analysis
The Fall and Winter of 2020-21 is the mid-term season of the COVID-19 pandemic. The slate has been wiped...
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From Surviving to Thriving: The Global Pandemic Edition
Leading during disruptive circumstances is hard. I learned this as a leader of many wilderness ministry...
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How to Call Millennials Into Leadership
Raising Up a Generation: How to Call Millennials Into Leadership by Jessie Cruickshank The leadership...
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Revival like the Sound of Wind
A historic opportunity is in front of us. I believe we are currently in a significant moment of time...
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