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Wheaton College

Kennedy Evans

Operations Coordinator

Kennedy Evans is the Operations Coordinator for the Billy Graham Centers’ Church Evangelism Institute (CEI) and African American Church Evangelism Institute (AACEI). Her professional journey is marked by a profound dedication to advocacy and a relentless commitment to celebrating the individuality and diversity of God’s people.

In May of 2023, Kennedy graduated with distinction, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, demonstrating her academic prowess and her commitment to understanding the human mind and emotions. In 2023, she was selected as a Senior Legacy Ambassador for her research project “Immigrants’ Mental Health Matters Too: The Significance of Stigma and Accessibility,” for the department of Psychology. These academic achievements exemplify her dedication to advocacy, personal growth, and her ability to excel in diverse areas of study.

Before assuming her role at Wheaton, Kennedy was the Undergraduate Liaison for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the College of Arts and Sciences at Saint Louis University. In this role, she actively engaged with students, faculty, staff, and alumni to foster an environment that promoted initiatives to help individuals feel seen, heard, and valued, emphasizing her passion for social justice and equal representation.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kennedy is deeply committed to her faith and her service to God’s people. She actively serves in her local church as a youth ministry leader, positively impacting the lives of young individuals. This passion for youth development highlights her compassion, leadership, and dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those she serves.