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Evangelism Leaders Fellowship


In an effort to reimagine evangelism, the Evangelism Leaders Fellowship (ELF) seeks to affirm and raise the place of evangelism in the life of the local church.

We recognize that the world around us is changing. The shift toward increased secularization in society has created a greater need for the culture of evangelism in churches around the globe. Gospel proclamation is the most significant form of Christian witness.

We affirm that truth and ELF seek ways to provide denominations and networks with resources to better reach the culture around them with the message of the gospel. But gospel proclamation does not preclude moving men and women toward increased obedience to Jesus and commitment to his local church.

To that end, ELF seeks to equip leaders to move their networks to deep heart level change through creating evangelistic passion in Christians that leads to deep gospel impact. ELF wants to help leaders connect with top experts in the field of evangelism, regularly provide them with resources, and provide them with a peer community to help continue to think evangelistically.