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Rural Church Institute


RMI Annual Meeting 2020

A Big Gospel In Small Places, Stephen Witmer

5 Strategies for Online Ministry, Todd Rhodes

Called, Dale Sellers

Building With Broken Pieces, Shanna Sturgeon

Cultural Engagement, Josh Laxton and Ed Stetzer

COVID 19, Karl Vaters

Getting Creative in the World of Teenagers

Don’t You Dare Compare, Patrick Maxwell

Leading Coaching, Glenn Herschberger

Hiring for the Long Term, Matt Steen

Making a Rural Multisite, Gerad Strong

Leading a Church Turnaround, Danny Davis

Preaching Through Video, Andy Addis

Overcoming the Stigma, Adam Reynolds

Questions First Time Pastors Ask, Jeff Clark

Pull Ups Today, Jessica Little

Youth Ministry Essentials, Doug Routledge

The Pastor’s Wife, Ann Schnautz

RMI Annual Meeting 2017

Session 2 Pastor’s Panel with Jason Byers and Gerald Strong

Session 1 with Bryan Jarrett

Session 4 Theology for Rural Church Planting with Jeff Clark

Session 3 Rural Church Planting with Charlie Cotherman

Session 6 with Tyson Lambertson

Session 5 Pastor’s Panel with Jon Sanders and Charlie Cotherman