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Day: June 20, 2022

The Past, Present, and Future of the Missional Movement: Are we doing enough to help young leaders?
Are we doing enough to help young church leaders take the Missional Movement forward? Daniel Yang hosts...
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Ed's Advice to Emerging Thought Leaders
Ed speaks honestly to emerging thought leaders about what is essential in leading the conversation around...
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Alan's Advice to Emerging Thought Leaders
Alan wants to help emerging thought leaders think better about the future of the church, mission, and...
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Reflecting on Church Planting From 2000 to 2020
Daniel, Ed, and Alan reflect on two decades of church planting during a time that many considered a boom...
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Has Missional Lost Its Meaning? Was it Co-Opted?
Alan talks about how the Missional Movement was co-opted but also what it meant for it to finally become...
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Ed Stetzer answers what was the Church Growth Movement Really About
Today, there is sometimes a negative reaction to the Church Growth Movement. Ed unpacks what was really...
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How Alan Hirsch Went From Seminary Training to Missional Thinking
Alan shares his journey from seminary, to church planting for his denomination, to training the church...
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How Ed Stetzer Went From Church Growth to Missional Movements
Ed planted his first church in inner-city Buffalo at the height of the Church Growth Movement. Learn...
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Younger Leaders Should Understand God, Church, and Mission
Alan challenges young leaders to understand the Church in the context that God is on mission.
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Ed Stetzer answers what is the Missional Church Movement really about
Ed gives you language to help emerging leaders understand what was the Missional Church Movement
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