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Writer: Alan Hirsch

Alan's Advice to Emerging Thought Leaders
Alan wants to help emerging thought leaders think better about the future of the church, mission, and...
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Has Missional Lost Its Meaning? Was it Co-Opted?
Alan talks about how the Missional Movement was co-opted but also what it meant for it to finally become...
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How Alan Hirsch Went From Seminary Training to Missional Thinking
Alan shares his journey from seminary, to church planting for his denomination, to training the church...
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Younger Leaders Should Understand God, Church, and Mission
Alan challenges young leaders to understand the Church in the context that God is on mission.
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Critical Reflections on the North American Church
Alan Hirsch offers critical insight into the state of the Church in North America and what he believes...
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Relaunching Decentralized Churches: A Long-Term Analysis
What does it look like for us to launch decentralized churches once we are past the COVID-crisis? The...
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Finding the Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart (part 3)
Let me suggest some other ones in our day that I think are very useful for us. I mentioned idolatry....
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Finding the Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart - Part 2
We’ve really been impacted very deeply by the last great reappraisal of our theology. The great Reformation...
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Finding the Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart (part 1)
It’s amazing I get to meet with such wonderful people like yourselves. It’s always a great...
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