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The Color of Compromise: How Do We Talk about Race?

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, issues of race continue to be an ongoing crisis as well. As churches and the broader society continue to grapple with this important issue, it is critical to know how to talk about it with each other during this continuing conversation. In this episode, with guest Jemar Tisby, we discuss: 

  • Defining racism and systemic racism
  • The American church’s complicity in racism
  • How should pastors talk about racism
  • The legacy of Billy Graham as it relates to race
  • How to study the history of racism

This episode references:

Our article series on The Exchange about White Fragility.

Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s documentary series on African American Lives

The Enduring Lost Cause: Afterlives of a Redeemer Nation Edward R. Crowther, editor

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