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New Churches: State of Church Planting in Canada Report

In 2016, New Churches released their State of Church Planting in Canada report. The survey asked over 500 leaders of new church works across many different denominations and church planting networks (including church plants, revitalizations, mergers, and new sites) to share their experience in a 30-minute online survey.1 Over 150 pastors and new church work leaders completed the survey. This report focuses on the 141 new church works (mostly church plants, but also new sites and plant restarts) started in 2005 or later and still operating today.
Get their research here.
At the Send Institute, we would like to introduce you to other organizations and resources that can help your organization better plant better churches. Contact us if you would like to share your research with the broader church planting community.

Church Multiplication Institute

A think tank for church planting in North America.

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