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World Impact's Research on Effective Urban Church Planting
Greetings in the strong name of Jesus! One of our core competencies is we [World Impact] are champions...
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Hispanic Church Planting Research Project
The Send Institute partnered with the Church Planting Leadership Fellowship to launch the Hispanic Church...
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Welcoming the Arrival Church Planter: Preparing Immigrant Church Planters for North American Training
Many North American leaders in Christian mission and evangelism would consider immigrants arriving in...
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The State of Church Planting in Chicagoland
Chicago is the third largest city in the United States with an MSA that includes 9.5 million people. Although...
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Exponential's Becoming Five Multiplication Study
The number of churches who are reproducing is increasing. A new study from Exponential by LifeWay Research...
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Best Practices in Church Planting Systems
Are we seeing the shift from addition to multiplication reflected in church planting systems and structures? When...
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2018 Bi-vocational Church Planting Research
The Send Institute partnered with Church Planting Leadership Fellowship to launch the 2018 Bi-Vocational...
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2015 Study: New churches draw those who previously didn’t attend
By Lisa Cannon Green originally posted at LifeWay Research. NASHVILLE, Tenn. – America is launching...
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Best Practice Research to be Released at Exponential 2018
The Send Institute is currently conducting an extensive survey of North American church planting networks...
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The Need for Multi-Denominational Church Planting Networks in Our Cities
In 2007, I had coffee with a church planter in New York City who had recently moved there from Dallas,...
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New Churches: State of Church Planting in Canada Report
In 2016, New Churches released their State of Church Planting in Canada report. The survey asked over...
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GDI recently completed a comprehensive diaspora ethnography research on Chinese Christians in Chicagoland. This was in partnership with the United Chinese Churches of Chicago and is expected to be published as a book soon.

Currently, GDI in involved in a research study on Asian Indian Christians in North America (SICNA21) which aims to survey and compile an exhaustive database of Asian Indian churches and ministries in the United States and Canada. This project is being done in collaboration with the Federation of Indian American Christians in North America (FIACONA).

People walking_Global Diapora
Refugee camp_Global Diapora

The Chinese and Korean Study provides insights regarding the status of Chinese and Korean Churches in the Greater D.C. area.

— published by The Humanitarian & Disaster Relief Institute of
Wheaton College Graduate School | Dr. Andrew Lee, researcher & author


Dr. Andrew Lee is currently in the process of completing the following research.

A study of Korean and Chinese churches in the DC-MD-VA area as part of the research team for Jamie Goodwin at HDI. (the report is forthcoming)

A national study of Asian American church practices as part of the research team for Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity (ISAAC). This is ongoing and we will have a preliminary report at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature in November. This is a pioneering study as data on Asian American evangelical churches is lacking.

The “Model Minority” Myth in the Chinese American Church

Chinese Americans (and Asian Americans) continue to live in the liminal space of the margins. This is not to say that much hasn’t been gained in both secular and religious life. However, as the “model minority,” they remain on the outside, looking to the majority for guidance and direction in matters of church and faith.