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Episode 3 – Dr. James Emery White: Planting to Reach Religious Nones and Gen Z

How do you equip church planters to reach the next generation of North Americans?
Daniel Yang, Dr. James Emery White February 26, 2018

The Religious Nones are one of the fasting rising groups in North America today. In this episode, Dr. James Emery White nuances who are Religious Nones and how North American church planting has lost some of its effectiveness in reaching this group, but how church planting organizations can help them gain it back.

  • In the Rise of the Nones, you describe the religiously unaffiliated as the fastest rising “religious” group. Can you explain what that means and then nuance a little bit how we got here?
  • We read the stats and quantitative evidence for this trend. But what are some of the qualitative explanations for the rise of the nones?
  • Do you think there’s anything about how we plant churches today or do evangelism that automatically ignores or discounts this segment?
  • Another fast-growing population is Gen-Z. How are they different from Millennials and other generational cohorts we’ve seen before?
  • What are their practical and existential dilemmas and what about the Gospel should be “good news” to their generation?
  • What organizational adjustments do we need to make to account for these growing groups?
  • If you can say anything to those in charge of church planting organizations–something they must consider in our time, what would that be?

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