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Lausanne North America is in the process of building out strategy and research groups.

  • Send Institute Missiologists Council—This strategy group is made up of various leading North American missiologists who gather to help shape missiological conversations in the local church in North America. LEAD: Daniel Yang
  • Rural Matters Leadership Council—This strategy group is involved in shaping the Rural Matters Institute, a network of rural pastors and leaders committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in non-urban contexts. LEAD: Josh Laxton
  • Correctional Ministries Leaders Group—This strategy group is committed to helping one another understand issues at work in and around correctional ministries. The group provides resources for local churches interested in correctional ministries work. LEAD: Karen Swanson
  • Evangelism Leaders Fellowship (ELF)—ELF is a network of state, province, national, and adjudicatory leaders that seeks to affirm and raise the place of evangelism in the local church. LEAD: Josh Laxton
  • Church Planting Leaders Fellowship (CPLF)—This group is a community of church planting denominational and network leaders from across North America who gather twice a year for collaborative learning. LEAD: Daniel Im
  • Arts & Mission Strategy Group—This group produces resources and hosts events throughout North America to encourage artists to use their passions and gifting for the furtherance of the gospel. LEAD: Byron Spradlin
  • Diaspora Strategy Group—This group consists of leading mkissiologists and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds who come together to serve as a think tank and to produce resources on Diaspora and migration throughout North America.
  • Global Missions Leaders Alliance—This strategy group is for local church missions pastors navigating the changing landscape of missiology. LEAD: Heather Matthews
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