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5 Churches That Shouldn’t Reproduce
5 Churches That Shouldn’t Reproduce by Jeff Christopherson There is legitimate reason to caution against...
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The Technical Skills of a Church Planting Leader
Don’t miss Accelerate on September 10-11, which is a two-day workshop for any denominational, associational...
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Maintaining Church Plant Health: A Case for Assessing Plants After Planting
Maintaining Church Plant Health:  A Case for Assessing Plants After Planting Jason Phillips Although...
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Welcoming the Arrival Church Planter: Preparing Immigrant Church Planters for North American Training
Many North American leaders in Christian mission and evangelism would consider immigrants arriving in...
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The State of Church Planting in Chicagoland
Chicago is the third largest city in the United States with an MSA that includes 9.5 million people. Although...
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Activating New Missional Narratives in North America's Quickly Diversifying Cities
For the last few decades, the predominant missional narrative in North America has sounded something...
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APEST and Church Planting
APEST and Church Planting BRAD BRISCO Over the past several years I have become convinced of the...
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Is There a Place for Me? Equipping Women to Thrive
“Until I saw you, I didn’t know there was a place for me here.” I had just finished hosting our services...
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Foggy Road Ahead: Leading Pioneer Planting
Foggy Road Ahead: Leading Pioneer Planting For years I have been keeping a close eye on the front lines...
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Seven Benefits to the Coming Opposition
Seven Benefits to the Coming Opposition The power of God’s kingdom flows exclusively through yielded...
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Exponential's Becoming Five Multiplication Study
The number of churches who are reproducing is increasing. A new study from Exponential by LifeWay Research...
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Ecosystems of the Kingdom
Ecosystems of the Kingdom In scripture, Paul used the imagery of a body to illustrate how believers should...
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