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Urban Church Planting, Diversity, and the Future (Part 1)
The following is a transcript from a talk Daniel Yang gave at the Church Planting Leadership Fellowship...
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A Child’s View of Church Planting
We, all of us, have been called to go. Image: First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, Texas / Facebook “The...
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Will We See a Church Planting Movement in North America?
The rise of church planting fervor within many streams of evangelicalism leads us to a question: Is it...
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The Need for Culturally Agile Leaders in Church Planting
We’re in one of the best times in history to start globally-minded churches in North America—churches...
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Imaginative Risk Taking In Canadian Congregations
Our Flourishing Congregations Institute research team—based at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta—spent...
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2017 The State of Church Planting in Baltimore & DC
Over the last 10-years, there has been a growing commitment of churches, networks and denominations to...
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New Churches: State of Church Planting in the U.S. Research Book
In 2015, New Churches released their State of Church Planting in the U.S. research book. Learn more about...
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Finding the Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart (part 3)
Let me suggest some other ones in our day that I think are very useful for us. I mentioned idolatry....
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Finding the Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart - Part 2
We’ve really been impacted very deeply by the last great reappraisal of our theology. The great Reformation...
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Finding the Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart (part 1)
It’s amazing I get to meet with such wonderful people like yourselves. It’s always a great...
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The Need for Multi-Denominational Church Planting Networks in Our Cities
In 2007, I had coffee with a church planter in New York City who had recently moved there from Dallas,...
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Behind Send Network's Training
The greatest church planter that ever lived wrote “I laid a foundation like a wise and master builder…”....
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