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You Found Me: Book Resources

Church Leadership for Revitalization

This resource is for the architects of the culture change in your church, primarily the senior leader and the top outreach leader.

Small Group and Leadership Team Resources for Churches

This appendix gives you a few tested resources for use in churches, leadership teams, and small groups to help you lead your group to missional engagement and impact. These resources have been used through the Church Evangelism Institute in many churches located in many contexts, including urban, suburban, and rural.

How Open Are Unchurched People Today to Christian Faith?

Click any of the icons below to view graphics and resources from the book.

Our Perception of the Lack of Receptivity

Why People Left the Church

Who Will Return

Unchurched Response to Christian Faith & the Church, Part I

Unchurched Responses to Christian Faith & the Church, Part II

Talking About Faith with the Unchurched

How Your Church Can Become a Conversion Community

The Challenge

What is a conversion community?

How do you stimulate missional imagination?

How do you develop missional leaders?

How do you cultivate a missional congregation?

Do you want more help in becoming a conversion community?

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