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Small Churches

How 30-Day Infusions work in smaller congregations will vary significantly depending on leadership and meeting structures. And, while smaller congregations have fewer people to lead all of a church’s ministries, the DNA in these congregations can change far more quickly than in larger ones.

Here are two approaches small church pastors are using to integrate inspiration, accountability, training, and planning in their congregations.


Once a month, or each time you meet with your leadership team, ask people to share how their BLESS goals are going. Who are they praying for? Where are they in their BLESS process with these people? Brainstorm together if they are stuck and not moving foward. Share specific goals that will be taken between now and the next time you meet, with everyone understanding they will provide an update at that time.


Move inspiration and instruction to the main service. Weekly or twice a month have someone share a 3-4 minute story of how they are reaching out to unchurched friends, neighbors or family members and celebrate in meaningful ways as people come to faith in Christ. (i.e. Some pastors have white flags brought forward for each person who comes to faith in the year). Highlight a tool or idea from the pulpit in the sermon or in a bulletin to equip people in the congregation. Then when you meet with your leadership team, focus that time on accountability and planning so leaders remain intentional about their personal outreach.

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