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Additional Evangelism Articles

  • Christianity Today:
    • “Evangelism Isn’t About Results” by Sharon Hodde Miller. Available here
    • “Gospel-Centered Evangelism” by Derwin L. Gray. Available here
    • “Reforming Evangelism” by David Dwight and Nicole Unice. Available here
  • Crossway:
    • “Why Christian Mission Must Focus on Evangelism” by Ajith Fernando. Available here
    • “What is Successful Evangelism?” by Isaac Adams. Available here.
    • “What Did Jesus Teach about Evangelism?” by Jerram Barrs. Available here.  
    • “What Does the Bible Say about Evangelism?” by J. Mack Stiles. Available here
  • Desiring God
    • “What God Can Do in One Conversation: Recovering the Power of Personal Evangelism” by Greg Morse. Available here.
    • “Hi, I’m a Christian: Simple Strategies for Better Evangelism” by Zach Nielsen. Available here.
    • “How to Share a Believable Gospel” by Jonathan Dodson. Available here
  • The Gospel Coalition: 
    • “Biblical Evangelism” Essay by Richard Coekin. Available here.
    • “Evangelism Is Not a Sales Pitch: An Interview with Randy Newman” by Matt Tyler. Available here
    • “6 Needed Shifts for Reaching the Next Generation” by G’Joe Joseph. Available here.
    • “Don’t Overcomplicate Evangelism” by Tony Merida. Available here
    • “3 Ways to Help Post-Christian Friends Understand the Gospel” by Sam Chan. Available here
  • Other Resources:
    • “5 Essential Qualities of Effective Evangelism” by Priscilla Pope-Levison from Lewis Center for Church Leadership. Available here
    • “Rethinking Evangelism” by Dallas Willard. Available here
    • “The Power of Faithfulness in Relational Evangelism” by Lance C. Hahn from The Great Commission Research Journal. PDF available here
    • “Personal Evangelism 101: The Complete Guide” by Chelsea Kight from Cru. Available here
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