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Cohort Experience

Through a two-year cohort that meets monthly for two hours, pastors learn how to revitalize their congregation by helping them to become “conversion communities”, where churched and de-churched people come to faith, grow in their faith, and their congregations become more welcoming places for emerging and young adults.

Cohorts will focus on challenges facing African American congregations such as effectively reaching the next generation, fruitfully navigating shifting contexts and demographic changes occurring around their churches, developing team ministry approaches and leadership pipelines in congregations to launch new ministries, and creating new evangelism models that work effectively in a new era.

The new cohorts will begin yearly with senior pastors of African American congregations, and aim to  integrate an outreach leaders, and a leadership development person from each church into the process, with the ongoing goal that one of these leaders will be under 40 years of age.

Listen to Pastor James Meeks, Pastor Michael Henderson, and Pastor John Jenkins as to why they are involved with the African American Church Evangelism Institute.

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